"SPiNTiRES"+"MudRunner" a brzy "SNOWRUNNER" ;) :D

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Re: "SPiNTiRES"+"MudRunner" a brzy "SNOWRUNNER" ;) :D

Příspěvek od zidon155 » pon říj 21, 2019 9:40 am

Ne ta je normalne ke stahnuti na Steamu-si ji najdi podle ty fotky v nahledu 😉
Uz tam na ni ty branky jsou hotovy...
CC-01 UNIMOG ;-)
EX: CC-01 Suzuki Samurai Long :-)

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Re: "SPiNTiRES"+"MudRunner" a brzy "SNOWRUNNER" ;) :D

Příspěvek od Coach » pon říj 21, 2019 10:15 am

@zidon155: Nevieš náhodou ako dlho bude Snowrunner exkluzívne pre Epic Store? Bude to klasika jeden rok alebo menej?

Postrehli ste, že do pôvodného Spintires vyšlo platené DLC Aftermath? Som zvedavý, čo akože Oovee plánuje so spintires robiť, aj keď bez Pavela toho asi moc nezmôžu :lol:.

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Re: "SPiNTiRES"+"MudRunner" a brzy "SNOWRUNNER" ;) :D

Příspěvek od Max » úte pro 17, 2019 7:12 pm

SpinTires má další aktualizaci.


14. pro.
Chernobyl DLC Hotfix 1
Spintires® - zane5
Fix for the main menu "continue" button.
Fix for the CHERNOBYL EXPLORER achievement.

13. pro.
v1.4.0 (full) now available!
Spintires® - zane5
Added / New

-Option to remove the 60FPS cap.
-Orbital camera mode.
-Right-side view angles in classic camera mode. Cycle by tapping or holding 1 or 2.
-Possibility to zoom in freecam mode.
-Proving ground selector.
-Main menu background animation.
-Ingame ads. They can be disabled in the settings menu.
-Korean and Chinese languages added.

Improvements / Adjustments

-Mousewheel now works to scroll on the controls menu.
-Removed slight FOV increase when trucks were driving at >6m/s.
-Heavily reduced the jump between each zoom level.
-Replaced free camera precision mode by 2 keys (Numpad 3/9) to change movement speed.
-Mechanisms that were previously actuated using number keys in the advanced menu now use ctrl+number. This is because camera modes are starting to creep up on number keys.
-Freecam controls now have their own section in the controls menu.
-Slightly smoother fog on the F1 minimap if your graphic card supports VFetch.
-Areas explored by remote players in MP appear clearer on the minimap than simply uncloaked ones.
-Depth of field settings no longer vary with daytime states.
-Reduced rain volume


-Fixed missing force feedback for some joysticks and gaming wheels.
-Removed the Manual gearbox achievement from gameplay and from the achievement menu.
-Classic camera will no longer move above obstacles when driving under obstacles. Unless there is no room under.
-Multiple intro pictures being displayed, with a separation in the middle of the screen. The intro will now display a single picture.
-Removed error in log about missing UserMediaPaths.xml. This file is optional.
-Dev menu now hidden when taking screenshots if "Show HUD on screenshots" is disabled.
-Achievement requiring a type B-130 have been updated to work with its newer version.
-Fixed a possible mesh corruption when generating extensionless meshes with close to 65k vertices.

Additional note:
Most achievements have been rechecked and earned at least once during tests.


https://store.steampowered.com/app/1151 ... nobyl_DLC/
Max_bojovník silnic.

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Re: "SPiNTiRES"+"MudRunner" a brzy "SNOWRUNNER" ;) :D

Příspěvek od kolobech » stř pro 18, 2019 11:49 am

Díky za tip na mapu s trialem dobře jsem se pobavil,

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Re: "SPiNTiRES"+"MudRunner" a brzy "SNOWRUNNER" ;) :D

Příspěvek od jaryn » pon pro 23, 2019 8:28 pm

Všem ZDE:

přeji šťastné a veselé Vánoce a do NOVÉHO ROKU 2020 hodně úspěchů, zdraví, štěstí a pohody.


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Re: "SPiNTiRES"+"MudRunner" a brzy "SNOWRUNNER" ;) :D

Příspěvek od Max » čtv pro 26, 2019 4:33 pm

:BYE: Přeji do NOVÉHO ROKU 2020 hodně úspěchů, zdraví, štěstí a pohody. Přeje Honza
Max_bojovník silnic.


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